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AREAWARE Large Paper Clips Black by Daphna Laurens


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Functional forms in bent spring steel, these Paper Clips originated as line drawings with no practical purpose, but were quickly transformed by the designer into something utilitarian and beautiful.

The clips are decorative and extra large, making any correspondence special.

✔︎ Set of 9 clips
✔︎ Material: 18 gage steel
✔︎ Dimensions: approx 4 - 4.5cm each
✔︎ Designed by Daphna Laurens for Areaware.


Areaware is a New York City based producer of everyday objects that are functional and unusual. Their goal is to create thoughtful products that inspire an emotional response. Areaware likes to think they have a good sense of humor and that their objects are poetic. They wish to create a forum for young and local talent and together become a strong voice for American design. They believe that ... View more Areaware
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