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BARKLY BASICS Aqua Base Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray

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The Barkly Basics AQUA-BASE antibacterial alkaline surface spray is simply amazing!

Laboratory proven to kill 99.9% of common household bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli (see test results attached)
It contains nothing but 99.9% alkaline water (pH 12.5) which makes it hard for bacteria to survive
Kill germs, sanitises, de-greases and deodorises all surfaces after 30 seconds of treatment
Suitable to use on kitchen benches, chopping boards and all high contact areas such as fridge doors, handles etc.
Suitable to use in bathrooms to kill germs on toilet seats, tapware and all high contact areas.
Suitable to use on appliances and to de-grease stove tops and range hoods.
Can be used to deodorise textiles, pet beds, clothing etc.
Eco friendly antibacterial option.

Comes in a 350ml Spray Bottle
Fragrance Free

Barkly Basics

Created by Melbourne molecular biologist, Dr. Natasha Malkov, BARKLY BASICS was born to address a gap in the market for simple yet stylish dish sponges. Indulging her appetite for creativity, Natasha embarked on a journey to design, develop and produce a range of products to help fill this gap. Using her sense of style, coupled with her background in science, the resulting range is both innovative... View more Barkly Basics
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