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BASE SUPPLY Grocery Base Shopping Bag - 2 Colours

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Shop. Fill. Eat. Repeat. The "Grocery" Base is the ideal bag for your weekly grocery shop.

The flat-bottomed design makes it easy to pack groceries. Although no guarantees the checkout kid won’t stack tinned tomatoes on top of your fresh bread.

Forget multiple trips to the car. These sturdy bags will safely hold up to 10 kilos of groceries, while the soft cotton handles make for easy carrying.

The internal zipped pocket is ideal for keys, your phone, or mid-shopping snacks.

The "Grocery" Base is ideal for carrying:
✔︎ The weekly grocery shop
✔︎ A day’s worth of snacks for on-the-go
✔︎ Food for your weekend picnic or BBQ with friends

Your "Grocery: base folds flat when not in use. Store a few in the car for those last minute shopping trips.

The details:
✔︎ Dimensions: W33cm x H36cm x D20cm
✔︎ Made from a durable 100% washable paper
✔︎ Internal pocket with zip for small essentials
✔︎ Water-resistant to protect against splashes and spills
✔︎ Lightweight, tear-resistant and washable
✔︎ Designed to mix and match the rest of the base collection
✔︎ Sturdy, 100% cotton webbing handles for easy carrying (use both handles when full)

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