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BEHR & CO Geo Circle Coasters, Black Nickel & Grey Tundra, Set of Four

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Introducing the GEO Coaster holder sold in a set of 4, complete with marble inserts. Add a little class and sophistication to the way your coasters look by combining marble and metal. Each stone coaster is simply placed within the holder to create the ultimate luxe look. The stone piece is loose, and can be lifted out from the holder if need be, or you can place a bead of silicon or superglue to permanently hold the stone in place.

Product info:
✔︎ Frame: Stainless Steel, black nickel plated
✔︎ Marble: Honed Turkish Tundra
✔︎ Size: D 10cm x H 1.2cm (approx)
✔︎ Each metal holder is hand-crafted, therefore slight variances in finish and sizing may occur.
✔︎ Fully felted on the underside

Care instructions:
Avoid prolonged contact with liquids. If the surface does get wet, dry immediately with a clean, soft cloth.


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