Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and that means the time you have to find mum the perfect gift is slowly ticking away. Below you’ll find 10 great gift ideas mum is guaranteed to love this year, and beyond.

Mums are honestly so hard to buy for. Anyone else met with, “Oh nothing dear,” when you ask them what they’d like for Mother’s Day this year? Ugh, so annoying, right? Well don’t stress, because below you’ll find a whole bunch of gift ideas for a whole bunch of mums.

And because we know every mum is different, the guide features a variety of ideas that go beyond the typical hand balms and jewellery stands (though we’ve included a couple of elevated options for good measure). There’s something for every mum, so get yourself organised and scroll through our top 10 gift ideas for mum.

Plissé Toaster


Is a toaster really a Mother’s Day gift? Damn straight it is, especially when it looks as beautiful as this. The Plissé toaster is pure class and sophistication, and pairs perfectly with the matching Plissé kettle. Aesthetics aside, the toaster boasts plenty of functionality, with a defrost, and bagel setting, and 6 browning levels. What can’t this toaster do?

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Isle Of Blanc Parfum


How would we describe the range of fragrances for Australian brand, Vahy, without going overboard? Honestly, good question. We think Vahy does it best, with words like intoxicating, oceanic, spicy, sophisticated, and evocative. And with those adjectives swimming through your mind, we’ll subtly suggest how perfect the Vahy range would be for mum this Mother’s Day.

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Artist Essentials Kit


If mum is on the creative side, or has been meaning to take up an artistic hobby, well, we’ll leave this one here. Containing everything needed to start the exciting illustrative journey she’s always wanted to undertake, the kit is beautifully boxed for exquisite presentation – just a little detail Printworks is known for.

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Beach & Bath Towel


If the towels around mum’s place are starting to look a little dated from decades of washing, then perhaps a gift from the Kobn range is needed. Featuring beautiful fabrics and colours, the collection is a guaranteed hit. Not only do Kobn make large beach and bath towels, their range also includes textured bath mats and matching hand towels.

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Guitar Sling Stand


Musical mums will be over the moon with one of these slings. Minim make THE most luxurious and beautiful guitar slings, and why not? Guitars are (and make) art, and are obviously well-deserving of a beautiful display home. Made from Australian sourced materials and manufacturers, this beautifully detailed piece will bring years upon years of joy.

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Asteroid Oil Burner

Addition Studios

If mum needs to sit down and chill out, this may be the best gift you could possible give her. Made from solid brass, this minimalist burner uses the heat of a single tea light to heat and diffuse the fragrance of mum’s favourite essential oil. It’s a treat to look at, and a treat to use – and the perfect way for mum to treat herself.

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Obu Jewellery Stand


Simple, yet breathtakingly beautiful, Ferm Living’s jewellery stand is as much sculpture, as it is functional. The piece provides ample space for hanging and displaying precious bracelets and necklaces, whilst its stone, slightly concave base is the perfect spot for lip-balm, vials of perfume, and rings. Mum will love it.

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Compact Make Up Mirror


Now this one’s a people (mum) pleaser. OSC have built a great reputation on their clever range of make up mirrors, so you better believe their compact travel option is a winner. When in use, it provides an illuminated reflective screen, and space to store small items. When on the go, it packs down into a disc that slips easily into luggage or a tote bag.

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Two Hands Kit


For the mum that loves beautifully soft hands, and let’s be real, that’s just about every mum, this is the perfect gift. Containing a hand wash, and handbag sized moisturiser, this deliciously fragranced (two available) kit is a guaranteed winner.

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Thermo Coffee Mug

Eva Solo

Mums like their coffee (or tea) hot. It’s a fact of nature – watch them order a coffee and ask for the milk ‘scorching’, then complain that it gets too cold too quickly. This Eva Solo mug solves that, with its ceramic thermo body, liquids stay toasty (scorching) for longer.

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