Adele and Marie of design studio, Delmar & Co, knew exactly what they were looking for in their new build and personal residence, Botanic Ridge House. Careful consideration went into the continuity and consistency of the interiors, aligning with their vision for a modern home filled with chic touches throughout. Experiencing each room, you can’t help but notice how the design leans into functionality, but does so in a timelessly stylish way, reflecting Delmar & Co’s meticulous attention to detail. We’ll take you through this captivating space, room by room, so you can fully immerse yourself in its unique charm and appeal.

The spacious living area of Botanic Ridge House welcomes you with its abundant natural light streaming in through large windows, creating a calm and airy ambiance. Filled with comfort in the form of lots of cushions and a big comfy sofa, the living room exudes a cosy warmth accentuated by the rich timber accents throughout.

Connected to the living space is the home’s open-plan kitchen and dining area, boasting a serene and bright atmosphere with its white tiles and textured benchtops. Plenty of storage ensures practicality without compromising the minimalist aesthetic. The standout feature, the spacious butler’s pantry, offers additional storage and easy access, while a skylight in the kitchen floods the space with natural light, enhancing the overall sense of tranquillity and elegance.

One of the home’s indulgent main bathrooms beckons with its visually spectacular speckled tiles and expansive layout, offering a great place to unwind and relax in the tub. The space has everything you need for a luxurious bathing experience, from the sleek shower nook and toilet nook to the oversized bathtub, ensuring each moment spent here is a soothing retreat from the everyday hustle.

At the front of the home sits one of the luxurious master bedrooms, offering a restful and bright retreat with an ensuite for added convenience and privacy. Like the other spaces, this room is flooded with natural light, complementing its open and calm atmosphere, complete with a walk-in robe and a generous ensuite featuring intricately crafted wall sconces. The space is filled with details that invite you to touch and feel, while the styling maintains a cohesive thread with the rest of the home, ensuring a seamless blend of design elements that create a calming and unified atmosphere.

What Delmar & Co have achieved with Botanic Ridge House is remarkable. Their commitment to consistency and continuity throughout the design process has resulted in a home that seamlessly blends modernity with practicality. The home is a lesson in harmonious living. Consistency in styling and design, coupled with an open flow and logical layout, creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that resonates throughout every corner of the space.

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