Essential, and therefore worthy of investment, the sofa is a furniture piece devoted to improving your downtime. Often considered the anchor of the living space, it’s a requirement that your sofa is not just comfortable to sit on, but makes a bit of a design statement too. Below you’ll find three exquisite examples of sofas that bring the cush for your tush, and the fly for your eye.

Sofa shopping ranks in our top 3 favourite forms of money spending activities (food and clothes rank 1 and 2 respectively). You get to work in the best of both design worlds, dissecting beauty, form, and aesthetics, with comfort, practicality, and function. It’s decision making at its finest, and because so many factors are involved, it’s one not to be taken lightly.

Sofas (good ones at least) tend to carry with them a rather hefty price tag, one that you should approach through the lens of investment, rather than superfluous purchase. You’re going to be keeping this anchor of a furniture piece with you for quite some time, so a little bit research wouldn’t go amiss. Keep an eye out for silhouettes and shapes that will complement your aesthetic vision, whilst providing a comfy downtime base for your booty.

Below you’ll find three of our favourite sofas from three iconic modern Scandinavian design houses: Ferm Living, Menu, and Muuto. If you’re familiar with these brands, you know that you’re in for a bit of a design treat, and if these names are completely knew to you, expect relaxed sweeping curves, strong architectural lines, and ethereal organic forms.

Rico Collection


This curvalicious sofa could even give Fergie a run for her money.

The introduction of the Rico collection totally threw Ferm LIVING into the spotlight, and set in motion the tone and direction of their consequent releases. The range includes a number of sofas and armchairs telling a consistent design story of gracious curves and organic forms, and it’s a story we’re absolutely loving! There’s a sense of welcoming and warmth gathered from the Rico collection, almost like to arms drawing you in for a big comforting hug – and we can definitely vouch for it, we’ve spent a good number of hours sat in the Rico lounge armchair.

The Rico collection is available in a variety of configurations, including various sized sofas, an armchair, poufs, and an absolutely divine chaise lounge (perfect for those eating-grapes-whilst-lounging-ancient-Roman-style moments.) There are currently two fabric options on offer, smooth brushed cotton or textured boucle, in a selection of neutral colours, to fit seamlessly in both contemporary and classic settings.

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Tailor Sofa


Does Menu EVER get it wrong? The answer is no, no they do not. And they certainly haven’t with the Tailor Sofa.

It may look like a work of art (and in many respects, it is), but it’s definitely something designed for daily use. Portuguese designer, Rui Alves, took to the past when designing this stunning specimen. Recalling fond and unforgotten memories of his grandfather’s favourite tailor shop, the sofa embodies the classic design approach of elegance and fine craftsmanship.

The Tailor’s seat is made from a glass fibre shell and soft upholstered foam, with a sturdy oak frame. What sets the Tailor apart from other sofas is definitely its attention to detail. The expertise used to craft the piece is exquisite, a result of intergenerational education and skill-transfer, whilst the finishes are simply sublime. It’s definitely a long term investment piece, and not something you’d be looking to replace in the next few decades (at least).

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Outline Sofa


Simplicity, meet function. Function, meet simplicity.
Now, work together and see what you can come up with…

Muuto’s Outline Sofa may be less showy than our other examples, but it definitely holds its own in the design department, and is nothing less than visually spectacular, despite its simplicity. Keen eyes will notice its silhouette is similar to Scandinavian designed sofas of the 1960’s – a mid-century modernist’s dream. The seat is nice and deep, with plenty of cushioning for comfort – it’s the kind of sofa you can plop yourself into at the end of the day, and never leave.

The Outline is extremely versatile, and is available in multiple seat lengths, day beds, and modular varieties (so you can get that L shape your living room is craving for). And in true Muuto style, there are plenty of customisable options when it comes to colours and textiles to suit wherever you plan on placing an Outline – shoot us an email and we’ll help out with all things custom.

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