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Bruzzoni Global

New Swedish electronics and lifestyle brand Bruzzoni Global aims to combine Italian luxury design with world-famous Scandinavian quality. Dynamic husband and wife duo, Krister and Jenny Mossberg founded Bruzzoni Global in 2014. Their first collection "The Wall Street Collection" features a stunning pared-back Electric Toothbrush with metallic accents in Rose Gold or Silver - The perfect alternative to generations of bathroom accessories that have "completely disregarded" aesthetics and interior design. This special device features a rubber-coated handle that tapers into a more slender neck, and includes a single multi-colour LED to indicate battery levels (whether the toothbrush is on or off). A single metal band encircles the top of the toothbrush handle, and also highlights the device's sleek power button. The electric toothbrush has an oscillating speed of 8,000 rotations per minute (RPM), and a running time of 40 minutes. It can be easily recharged via USB and induction charging atop a stunning metallic base. Shop The Wall Street Collection by Bruzzoni Global at Designstuff today.

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