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Founded in 2008 by the third and fourth generations of the Lassen family, by Lassen is a Danish design house currently owned by Søren Lassen, the grandson of the late architect, Mogens Lassen. With the sole aim of bringing life to his grandfather’s designs, Søren now finds himself as the caretaker of an important family legacy.

The by Lassen collection has steadily grown over time to not only feature work and ideas originally conjured up by Mogens, but to also incorporate designs from his brother, Flemming Lassen, also an architect. In addition to the familiar works by the Lassen brothers, by Lassen also produces pieces designed by its own in-house design team. It’s by Lassen’s mission to promote the importance of good design and the relationship between historical works and pieces that are considered more contemporary. Inspiration often begins with the rustling through the company’s archives and cupboards in search of unique and interesting blueprints thought up by Mogens and Flemming. Through the advances in modern technology, many ideas that were impossible to produce at the time can now be realised, which indicates the importance of the work by Lassen is doing. Hidden treasures that may never have seen the light of day are now given the chance to shine in the spotlight.

Work from the by Lassen design house function through a formula of exact proportions and mathematics. With its architectural background, by Lassen pieces are sharp and easily recognisable. The simplistic exterior of many designs hides the precision and constraint required to create such minimalist works. Most recognisable is probably the Kubus series, which began as a series of candlestick holders and developed into bowls and cabinets. This iconic design is the true epitome of what by Lassens aims to do, and as such, has earned itself the status of international design icon amongst architects and design connoisseurs.

by Lassen, to this day, remains committed to the continued development and success of its growing collections. By paying respect to the original designs, but adapting them to a modern day lifestyle whilst using advanced technological production methods, more and more iconic works are likely to see their way into the homes of design enthusiasts around the world. Owning a piece from by Lassen is like owning a true piece of design history, and will ultimately keep the legacy of the Lassen brothers alive.

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