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Emeyu is an organic and high-quality tea wrapped in equally high-quality and sustainable packaging. Everything they do depends on conscious decisions that are respectful of the nature around us. They create great organic teas with refined balanced flavours. Their intricate knowledge of different types of herbs and teas, their quality and health benefits has strongly influenced their selection. Each of the teas is the result of rigorous testing, trial and error and offer their signature refreshing, natural and delicious taste. Emeyu is a natural high-quality product. They hand-pick the best teas from around the world which meet their requirements and high standards in order to match the conscious and most discerning tea enthusiast. Emeyu seeks only to work with the best and most respected tea gardens with a prolonged reputation for creating superior, organic and sustainable teas that are beyond comparison. Emeyu is a sustainable moment. They spent the last year identifying the most sustainable types of tea packaging that would not compromise taste nor design. The tea bags are made of cotton, the foils are biodegradable, and the canisters are made of recycled paper. And they added a little extra – making it easy to ‘stick’ to the ritual.

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