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Sustainability is a topic close to our hearts here at Gingko. "We are a family business founded by Paul Sun and his wife Natalie Sun with a big love for nature and the environment. Over the years we’ve heard more and more about the damage being done to our planet and the impact we as humans are having on our environment – and so our passion for protecting it has grown stronger." 99% of their products are built using natural materials, such as bamboo and other sustainable woods – rather than plastic. And in the future, they will only launch new products which are made in natural or sustainable materials. They believe that stylish, unique and top quality products can be eco-friendly, without having to compromise on beautiful design or new tech. At Gingko, they thrive on seeking and creating the extraordinary. The aim is to design products that are modern, simple and functional. They are built to last, and the minimal styles are designed to withstand and hold their own through all the latest trends and crazes. We hope you will love and appreciate your Gingko products, and that they will live in your homes for a long time.

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