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Kin Design CO.

At KIN Design Co. they strive to produce simple, modern and expertly crafted pieces that are long lasting and timeless. Beyond just aesthetic form, good design for this Melbourne husband and wife duo, means combining the rational with the emotional. Enriching objects through an emphasis on craftsmanship, considered details and natural materials - In this way they hope to connect and harmonise all their designs with the people who use them and the spaces they inhabit. With a love for good design and the belief that the things we surround ourselves with are central to our identity, Dermot & Janelle Lenaghan have created Melbourne based furniture brand KIN Design Co. Launched at the 2015 DEN Furniture and Design Fair with great success, KIN’s ethos of simplicity, function and longevity is evident in their inaugural collection - CONNECT. A long held passion for furniture design, together with their shared ambition to build a life centered on creative work and family, brought this dynamic couple to found KIN. Central to the KIN approach is the value placed on how things are made. Working in close collaboration with specialist local craftsmen, their products are skilfully and ethically produced right here in Australia, ensuring the highest quality and unparalleled consistency. Designstuff is proud to be KIN Design Co's first retailer.

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