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SHOP the NORDSTJERNE collection of Scandinavian homewares for Bed, Bath + Kitchen. Nordstjerne designs home accessories which combine functionality with a hint of decadence. They are greatly inspired by the rawness of the Scandinavian and Nordic landscapes and they wish to bring that unique feeling from the outdoors in with Nordstjerne’s simple, yet elegant homewares. In 2012 when Henriette Bach, founder of Nordstjerne, was one of the first designers to launch marble at Danish interior and design fairs, customers were attracted to the smooth and elegant material – but didn’t really dare to order it. That all soon changed, and today Nordstjerne is known to be a pioneer in marble and has spread its business worldwide to more than 15 countries around the world. Henriette frequently visits Nordstjerne’s suppliers in India and other places to ensure that all products are of the highest quality and that the people producing Nordstjerne´s products have acceptable working conditions. Nordstjerne prefers long term relationships with their suppliers in order to maintain their high quality level. Nordstjerne’s items are meant to last for life and if quality decreases, the production will be terminated. Incredibly, even though they ship hundreds, sometimes thousands of products each week - EVERY item is still personally inspected by Henriette and her colleagues before it leaves their warehouse north of Copenhagen!

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