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Orignally known as Normann Design, Normann Copenhagen was founded by Jan Normann Andersen and Poul Madsen in1999, with a vision to make a difference in the design industry. They began as a design shop, selling a combination of various brands and their own designs, before meeting Danish designer Simon Karkov 2001. After pitching his Norm 69 Lamp, Jan and Poul decided to put the product into production, transforming the shop into the highly recognised manufacturer and design house it is today.

Over the following five years, Normann Copenhagen introduced another 38 products to their collection, in addition to undertaking various collaborations with numerous design names and up-and-coming talent from around the world. The company eventually began to produce furniture pieces in 2009, which has become a strong focus over the past two years.

Normann Copenhagen aims to be a go-to destination for those looking to furnish, decorate and style their homes, restaurants and offices. With a range characterised by simple design, clean lines and distinct character, Normann Copenhagen embodies the Scandinavian design rationale perfectly. Though they respect and admire the minimalistic nature and simplicity of their products, they believe heavily in functionality and injecting a unique personality into everything they make. From the steepness of each curve, the colour of thread used or the texture of the fabric, every detail, no matter how small, is considered and perfected.

Inspiration for the each collection is often drawn from current colours and trends circulating the fashion world, however Normann Copenhagen encourage the designers they work with to draw ideas from what they are naturally attracted to. Often their designers seek to incorporate ideas from various objects, shapes, functions, materials, places, stories and people.

Today Normann Copenhagen continues to introduce exciting and bold design products. Especially the color choice of the products has changed into a new color scheme and is often inspired by trends you also find in the fashion world.

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