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Launched by TEKO Design University educated Lotte Fynboe, OYOY is a relatively new brand to the Danish interiors world. Founded in 2012, the name was inspired by the letters OY that, for decades, has appeared on every Danish aeroplane regardless of global location. Consequently, OYOY marks itself quite firmly as a Danish company with strong Scandinavian roots. Unsurprisingly, OYOY takes a particular focus on designing products that not only have a beautiful form, but are functional, utilise interesting colour palettes and are constructed from a range of exquisite and high quality materials.

Lotte weaves a combination of colourful and exciting design throughout her work whilst displaying her confidence in simplicity and white space. Aside from classic Scandinavian style, Lotte draws inspiration from Japanese ideas, both of which complement one another to produce simple clean designs. Her motto, “less is more” is evidenced through the calm and sophisticated nature of the OYOY range, and provides relief from the busyness and exhaustion day-to-day life can bring.

OYOY designs possess a unique and whimsical charm, rarely seen in modern home accessories brands. Many products are redesigns from Lotte’s colourful upbringing, which helps invoke a sense of nostalgia whilst drawing out the inner child. Each design contains a hint of excitement and playfulness without appearing immature or reaching too far and going over the top. Lotte achieves this through soft playful colours, recognisable shapes and interesting textures, whilst incorporating delightful fabrics and materials.

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