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STTOKE is the result of refined, attentive, and practical approach in changing the game of sustainable coffee cups. Sharing a passion in both coffee and innovation they have been driven to create a product to revolutionise the market. They have covered all corners of the globe and the interactions and experiences of their travels have helped shape what they create. Taking inspiration from the different coffee cultures around the world and combining it with their desire and dedication to make a difference, they were motivated to enact a beneficial change within the industry and add value through their product. Their mission is to enhance the lifestyle you live through carrying a product that not only represents a positive movement in working towards a sustainable future, but is also practical and visually appealing. From the farmers to the connoisseurs, they strive to provide those who share their values with a strong, united voice – starting with their reusable cup. They are determined. Persistent. And they won’t stop until we get it right.

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