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DESIGN LETTERS Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner Bowls Set, Nude

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Most safe, most functional! Eat & Learn with the Tritan bowl set with printed letters from A-Z. The round shape is highly design-oriented and one set of three bowls come in a gift box which makes it ideal as a gift.

✔︎ Tritan is drop safe, dishwasher safe, microwave safe
✔︎ The look of the surface remains as new, even after numerous times in the dishwasher
✔︎ It is a medical grade plastic which means that it is 100% safe for children to eat and drink from
✔︎ The most functional and sustainable alternative available for kids!
✔︎ Material: Tritan with printed letters, BPA/BPS/EA free
✔︎ Diameter: 11 cm. Height: 4 cm
✔︎ Colours: Green/grey/white and nude/grey/white
✔︎ Set of 3

Design Letters

Design Letters is a Danish design company, which creates contemporary minimalistic designs. The signature graphics on their Letter Range, is based on the famous font designed by celebrated architect Arne Jacobsen. The alphabet melamine series featuring Arne's iconic typography, is part of the kids’ tableware series designed in Copenhagen. Educational, classic and stylish, it's perfect for... View more Design Letters
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