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EMEYU Organic Chai Tea, Empiric Sky - Ecofriendly


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Organic Pu-Erh Chai Tea - Sweet & Spicy

This is the definition of Chai, a unique and vivid version containing organic pu-erh and green tea. The result is an enticing, naturally sweet taste, led by a harmony of liquorice and fennel, with underlining notes of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger and pepper. Enjoy this low caffeine tea with or without milk.

✔︎ Country of origin: China
✔︎ Net weight: 40g
✔︎ Packaging: 20 individually wrapped tea bags made of biodegradable pure cotton and packaged in a canister made of recyclable paper and cardboard.


Emeyu is an organic and high-quality tea wrapped in equally high-quality and sustainable packaging. Everything they do depends on conscious decisions that are respectful of the nature around us. They create great organic teas with refined balanced flavours. Their intricate knowledge of different types of herbs and teas, their quality and health benefits has strongly influenced their selection.... View more Emeyu
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