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To celebrate the 100 years of the revolutionary Niels Bohr Atom Model, Flensted in co-operation with the Niels Bohr Institute of Copenhagen, has created this beautiful Limited Edition mobile.

In 1913 Niels Bohr developed his revolutionary model of the atom, from which new information technologies continue to arise - from the transistor radio to quantum computers.

Size: 27 x 27 cm
Material: Stainless steel / Wood


In 1953 Christian Flensted made his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter - He cut out three storks, mounted them in two straws, and the Stork Mobile was made! This was the beginning of a beautiful adventure! The firm was founded one year later, in 1954. A Flensted Mobile is made from a perfect combination of love, dedication and quality, bringing a unique design into y... View more FLENSTED MOBILES
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