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FOSS FLAKES Duvet Junior 100x140 cm Non-allergenic

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Sleep is important to children's growth, learning abilities and energy to play. The Fossflakes Duvet is filled with the unique Fossflakes filling material that feel naturally soft and remain fluffy. The perfect duvet for support, comfort and care during dream-filled nights.

✔︎ A snuggly and cool duvet for better sleep
✔︎ Keeps its volume longer
✔︎ The flakes distributes itself evenly in the duvet
✔︎ Easy to machine wash at 60°C and quick tumble dry, making them easy to keep clean and free of dust mites.
✔︎ Always re-fluffable and will not form lumps
✔︎ Non-allergenic and Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified
✔︎ Size: 100x140cm
✔︎ Made of high quality pure cotton fabric

Foss Flakes

The invention of Fossflakes was inspired by the ability of down and feather to trap air, but also the fact that Fossflakes products would be hypoallergenic, easy to maintain and longer lasting than similar synthetic products. Fossflakes is composed of 100% extended polyethylene polymers and so is naturally hypoallergenic, which makes it a suitable filling material for allergy and asthma suffere... View more Foss Flakes
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