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HAPS NORDIC Cotton Wrap with Beeswax 3 Pax Warm Colour


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Cotton wraps are a fantastic, natural alternative to plastic wraps and paper towels. With Cotton Wraps, food can be packed in an easy, natural and sustainable way. Use them for just about everything, from bread and fruit, to covering a salad bowl.

Fold your Cotton Wraps around the food or bowl; the heat from your hands makes them soft, so they wrap around food easily. They become firm again as they cool down, providing a secure wrap.

Why we like it:
✔︎ Made from 100% organic GOTS certified cotton treated with a blend of beeswax and jojoba oil
✔︎ Environmentally friendly
✔︎ Cotton wraps let the food breathe but at the same time protect against air and moisture
✔︎ Sustainable and can be composted
✔︎ With the right care, cotton wraps can last up to a year or longer
✔︎ Comes in a package of three pieces in small, medium, large.

Care instructions:
After use, clean Cotton Wraps gently in cool water with soap and a soft cloth or sponge. They must not be soaked and wipe with a towel without twisting. Should not be used for fresh and unprocessed meat.

Haps Nordic

HAPS NORDIC is a Danish company that loves nature, traveling with children and eating healthy. They therefore want to protect the environment from excessive packaging and food waste whilst making it easy to bring healthy food for you and the family when on the go. With their recyclable smoothie bags and reusable freezer bags, it is possible to bring home-made porridge, smoothies, or perhaps a s... View more Haps Nordic
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