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KONGES SLØJD Fruit Wall Hook, Cherry



This fun, eclectic, and delightful cherry-shaped wall hook is the perfect fruity addition to hallways, kids rooms, and play spaces. Great for bags, scarves, and jewellery.

✔︎ Made in 100% stone material
✔︎ Height: 8 cm
✔︎ Handmade, variation may occur
✔︎ The hook mounts directly into the wall using a rawplug and threaded bolt (both included)
✔︎ The rawplug is universal and fits most walls
✔︎ For safety reasons make sure the rawplug is suitable for your wall
✔︎ Maximum weight: 2 kg


Konges Sløjd was founded in 2014 by Emilie Konge Breindal who also designs all the products. It is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and vouches for quality, functionality and simplicity. With Konges Sløjd, they have created a simple, Scandinavian, stylish and, not least, quality- conscious universe for those most dear to us: our children. The highest attention has been paid to every little det... View more KONGES SLØJD
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