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A set of four small accessory objects for you to rearrange and reposition in your home. A source of continual inspiration composed of a circular paperweight in stoneware, a triangle bookend in marble, a wooden cone and an arc in brass.

✔︎ Materials: Solid Oak, Brass, Terracotta & Tiger Skin Marble
✔︎ Round paperweight Terracotta 10 R x 10 H cm
✔︎ Square bookend Marble 12 L x 2 W x 20 H cm
✔︎ Oak cone 7 D x 16 H cm
✔︎ Arc Brass 20 L x 3 W x 10 H cm

You can use the Desk Sculptures one by one or you can chose to display them all together. Each piece is beautiful, simple and functional - use the terracotta sphere as a paper weight and the marble square as a bookend. The Desk Sculptures come in a beautiful cardboard casing where each object is fitted carefully in foam within the box.


Officially launched on the first of January 2012, Kristina Dam Studios has undertaken an incredible journey to become the powerhouse design studio it is today. Beginning with a humble range of prints, the brand has grown to include a number of iconic collections whilst branching into furniture, sculptures and art, lighting, and accessories.

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