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LEANDER Highchair Black


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The Leander® highchair is designed to move slightly with the child. After all, it’s designed especially for children – and children rarely sit still, do they? Not even when they’re sitting at a table.

The highchair is designed to follow your child through many years. That is why we have chosen a quality that not only allows the chair to follow the development of one child, it can be passed on from generation to generation. In fact, the Leander® high chair is a really good chair for adults as well. Simply switch the food and back plate to ensure proper sitting comfort. Try it, before you buy it for your child - if you like it, most likely your child will too!

The Leander® highchair is designed to move. And children move. It’s in their nature. The chair’s small movements make the child more conscious of his or her body and therefore more relaxed. Sticky fingers and spilt milk don’t matter that much now, do they?

By the age of 6 months, most children are ready to sit in a high chair. At that age, most children are able to roll from stomach to crawling position and to sitting posture. Always remember to look at your child. The back should be straight and the child should be able to sit without support from cushions.

✔︎ H: 83 cm, W: 55 cm, D: 56 cm
✔︎ Weighs only 5.1 kg
✔︎ Available in more colours
✔︎ The stool set is made of moulded European beech wood
✔︎ Finished with water-based lacquer
✔︎ Adjustable set, foot and backplate
✔︎ A comfortable adult chair
✔︎ Free shipping
✔︎ Lead 1-2 weeks

INCLUDES: Leander High Chair with seat & footrest. Safety Bar or cushions are NOT included. Please purchase separately.


It all started in 1998. Stig Leander, who served his apprenticeship as blacksmith, had for some time worked on developing a dining chair with replaceable seat and back. While his work progressed, his sister-in-law became pregnant with twins. And with the pregnancy, an idea came to life. Today Leander is an international furniture manufacturer designing furniture for children. But it is not just... View more Leander
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