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LEIF Wild Rosella Body Lotion 260ml


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Wild Rosella Body Lotion with Alpine Pepper & Damascan Rose.

✔︎ Hydration for all skin types
✔︎ A wonderfully aromatic body lotion that leaves your skin scented and highly hydrated
✔︎ Use this rich lotion everyday to enjoy luxuriously soft skin
✔︎ For best results apply generously to damp skin after showering
✔︎ Size: 260ml


Leif began life as a form study. As ContainerMade they design cosmetics packaging for others but Leif is their own. It began life as a form study. A model of a fine necked bottle sat on the shelves of their studio and visitors would always comment, eventually they began to think about filling it themselves. The formulas needed to deliver on the promise that had already taken shape. Leif has loo... View more Leif
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