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LILLAGUNGA Curl Hooks for Swings and Gym Rings


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High-quality Curl Hooks in stainless steel is an accessory intended for hanging up your swing or rings in ceilings made of wood or concrete. The package includes plugs for concrete ceilings. Only sold in combination with a Lillagunga Swing or Rings.

Material: Stainless steel
Hook size: 120mm x 8,5mm (diameter)
Capacity: Max. capacity 120 kg
Drill hole: Wood 7mm, Depth 55-60 mm
Concrete: 12mm, Depth 60-65 mm
Included: 2x curl hooks, 2x plugs

For wood ceilings use the hooks as they are, for concrete ceilings use the plugs. Ensure that the hooks are tightly attached. The threads must be fully recessed in the ceiling. Test before use.

Carefully follow the user's manual that is included in the product package. In any uncertainty please consult an expert.


Lillagunga is a Helsinki based design company originally known for its reinvention of the classic wooden swing. The company was founded in May 2013, taking its name from the Swedish word for ‘little swing’. From the outset Lillagunga has aspired to reinvent and improve products by adding to them a touch of modern simplicity and superior quality. Through their exceptionally well crafted pro... View more Lillagunga
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