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MAGISSO Sink Magnetic Cutlery Basket Black

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The smart magnetic cutlery basket solves the eternal problem: how to keep your kitchen counter organised. With the patented Magisso fitting system you can install the cutlery basket into your sink in seconds, without any tools required! Finally, everything is in it’s right place.

✔︎ Material: ABS plastic
✔︎ Measurements: L: 8,0 cm W: 7,5 cm H: 10,0 cm


The story of Magisso started in 2008 with two guys, Juhani and Anssi, both of whom wanted to start an international design company, with no prior knowledge of or experience in either design or international business. What they did have, though, was a burning passion to solve pesky everyday problems and make life easier. Over 29 design awards later they still thrive from that same passion that ... View more Magisso
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