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MARSET XL Follow Me Lamp PLUS (Portable + Rechargeable)

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NEW - The MARSET XL Follow Me Lamp PLUS (Portable + Rechargeable)
The stunning Follow Me Lamp by Marset is now SUPER SIZED!

✔︎ Cordless
✔︎ Portable
✔︎ Rechargeable
✔︎ Suitable for Indoors and Undercover Outdoors
✔︎ Adjustable - Choose from 3 clever settings, Nightlight, Candlelight or Reading Light!
✔︎ Powerful and Energy Efficient - The Follow Me Lamp can last up to 20 HOURS on just one full charge
✔︎ More luminous than glass
✔︎ Scratch and shatter resistant

Made from oak, with brass detailing, it is a portable and rechargeable lamp that can be taken wherever you entertain. Because of its warm, and self-contained character, it is ideal both indoors and outdoors. The oak handle beckons you to pick it up. With a swinging lampshade made of white poly-carbonate, it boasts a fresh, luminous look. It comes with LED technology and 3 dimmer settings: Nightlight, Candlelight and Reading Light. The battery is built-in with a USB port for recharging. The Follow Me Lamp can last up to 20 HOURS on just one full charge. Poly-carbonate was chosen for the body of the lamp because it is more luminous than glass and is scratch and shatter resistant, making it the perfect lamp!

It works in restaurants and terraces that have no access to electrical outlets, or to replace candlelight.
It comes with LED technology and a dimmer. The battery is built-in, and it has a USB port for recharging.

Size: H: 44.3cm x Ø:18.5cm
Material: Natural oak veneer handle, poly-carbonate body and base
Lighting: 3.2 Watt, 2700K, 478 Lumens
*INCLUDES an Australian and New Zealand Power Plug

Designer: Inma Bermúdez for MARSET

Battery Life:
5 hours in peak power
10 hours in half power
20 hours in a quarter power


At Marset,they are convinced that they do more than lamps. They take care of light and its various nuances and effects to improve people’s quality of life. Design is what sets them apart at Marset, and that’s where their vocation for good design was born: to make a product with the utmost rigor and innovation that generates a beautiful light and that can surprise, thrill and endure, so that... View more Marset
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