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MENU Task Pendant Bronze Grey

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The new task pendant strikes a harmonious, breathtaking balance between function and aesthetics. Its pure, linear form not only catches the eye but also serves a key purpose: to spread light in a way ideal for countless applications, giving rise to new, flexible ways of illuminating diverse spaces.

The Task Pendant emits directed, adaptable, downward, wide-angle light via an elegant LED bulb that can fully illuminate a conference table. It is suspended from nearly invisible fishing wire, creating the illusion of hanging freely in mid-air.

Both in its pared-down form and soft, pleasant light, the design makes a statement without ever becoming obtrusive. This balance makes the Task Pendant an essential, welcome part of the décor above conference tables, bar areas, lobbies, lounges, counters, and other spaces enhanced by glare-free illumination designed for human movement and interaction.

Product Info:
✔︎ Lightweight and simple to transport
✔︎ Colour: Bronze Grey
✔︎ Dimensions: Ø 2cm, L 135cm
✔︎ Material: Anodized Aluminum, LED, PCB, PC
✔︎ Contains hex screws (5/64 hex tool)
✔︎ Dimming and colour control, with "MENU Lighting" app (available for iOS and Android)
✔︎ Integrated LED, 100-130V, 24W, 1300lm, 2700-4000K, 35,000 hrs
✔︎ Designed by Gry Holmskov
✔︎ FREE Shipping Australia Wide

MENU Design Denmark

Danish design house, MENU, are the masters of Soft Minimalism. Established in 1978, MENU was, and still is, a family run business. Currently in its third generation, MENU started from humble beginnings producing high-quality kitchen and silverware and has since become the epitome of Danish design. Today they collaborate with the world's most talented designers to deliver the highest quality with a... View more MENU Design Denmark
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