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MERAKI Konjac Sponge Oily Skin, Bamboo Charcoal


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The konjac sponge is a natural wash sponge. By using daily, the skin will regain its natural softness and glow.

Why we like it:
✔︎ Made of 100% natural, vegetable silk fibres from the konjac root
✔︎ Materials: Konjac powder, Bamboo, Water
✔︎ Soft exfoliation that recreates the skin’s natural glow
✔︎ Balances the skin’s natural pH-value
✔︎ Natural moisture-giving agent
✔︎ Deep cleansing

How to use: Wet the sponge before use. Massage is gently onto the skin and neck in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly after use. Avoid storage of your sponge in the shower as the moist environment will shorten the konjac sponge’s life.

Tips: Use the sponge together with clean water or your favourite cleansing product. Once weekly, clean the sponge in boiling water to remove bacteria. Let the sponge cool down before you squeeze the remaining water out of it. Replace your konjac sponge once every 2-3 months.


Danish lifestyle brand Meraki is putting a Scandinavian twist on beauty and homewares with its beautifully crafted collection. Designed and developed in Denmark, the range encompasses everything from hand washes to room sprays to towels. The common theme of the collection is simple - Meraki only uses organic design and natural ingredients. All products are made without parabens, colorants and ... View more Meraki
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