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MILLIGRAM Cork Desk Shape, Square


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Simplicity of form and sustainability are defining features of Milligram Studio's terrazzo cork collection. The sphere desk shape has been designed to bring order and symmetry to any space and is perfect for holding documents, business cards or photographs of loved ones.

The range is made from a natural base palette of reconstituted cork, mixed with recycled rubber that creates a distinct terrazzo pattern.

The remarkable reconstituted cork is collected from cork oak trees in mountain provinces of China and the Mediterranean region. Recycled rubber offcuts are mixed through the cork then pressed in steel moulds and bonded with heat. The cork is then cut, shaped and sanded into unique and playful desk accessories.

Product info:
✔︎ Size: 8 x 8 x 8 cm
✔︎ Colour: Cork with black & white fleck
✔︎ Materials: Cork. Recycled rubber

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