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MOEBE Floating Leaves Print 05 - 2 Sizes

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A stunning collaboration between three Copenhagen based design companies: MOEBE, Paper Collective + NORM Architects - The groundbreaking launch of "FLOATING LEAVES" is now available for order at Designstuff.

This mesmerizing series of botanic photographs, has been created especially for the MOEBE Frame and is produced through a special printing technique combined with transparent film.

Says Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects, "Through the transparency of print and frame, the leaves get a unique sense of multi-dimension never before achieved in a printed product.''

''The Sabi Leaves photos are inspired by the gathering of botanic samples and classic botanic illustration. Playing with an element of decay, the Sabi Leaves also become iconic expressions of time frozen. They are visibly vulnerable to the effects of weathering and have recorded the sun, wind, rain, heat and cold in a language of discoloring, rust, tarnish, stain, warping, shrinking, shriveling and cracking. Their nicks, chips, bruises, scars, dents, peeling and other forms of attrition are a testament to their history."

Sizes: A4 or A3

Materials: Print on Transparent Film

Frame is not included. Moebe Frames can be purchased via this link:


MOEBE is a Scandinavian design brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded by cabinetmaker Anders Thams and architect Martin D. Christensen. At MOEBE they design, they produce and they keep things simple. The team at Moebe focus only on the essentials and try to stay ever-curious. They strive to reduce designs to their absolute most basic forms. Thereby always creating products that are si... View more MOEBE
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