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MOHEIM Restroom Sign, White - 4 Pieces

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Simple and clean bathroom signs that will look nice in any homes, offices, public spaces or hotels, while adding contemporary touch to the space. As well as women and men, gender-free and accessible are also available to make more individuals comfortable. Easy to have them placed with adhesive tape attached to the back side.

✔︎ Designer: Shigeichiro Takeuchi
✔︎ Material: Acrylic
✔︎ Size: Men W27 x H106 x D3mm, Women W40 x H106 x D3mm, Gender-free W38 x H106 x D3mm,
Accessible W66 x H90 x D3mm
✔︎ Colour: White
✔︎ Set : Men & Women


The beauty that never goes obsolete. The universality that retains its novelty for decades. Something that quietly stays there as it should be. Without excessive emphasis while showing its own individuality. MOHEIM creates new standards of every scene of your life.... View more Moheim
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