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The Barker Bone is the perfect toy to entertain your dog while looking great in your home. Your dog will love the softness of this toy, whilst its squeaky sound which encourages playfulness.

Hand wash only. As this toy is made from fabric it is not indestructible and therefore we cannot guarantee the lifespan of the Barker Bone.

Heavy chewers and puppies with sharp teeth should be supervised at all times.

Molly Barker

Molly Barker is a sophisticated line of premium dog accessories; priding itself on extending luxury beyond a walk in the park. Each Molly Barker product has been specifically curated for individuals who appreciate the finer things in life, for both themselves and their canine. Designed in Australia and crafted from premium materials, Molly Barker epitomises the contemporary, minimalistic style... View more Molly Barker
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