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MUSKHANE Paddy Round Rug Quartz Pink

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Little grains of rice dotted all over the new Paddy rug! It joins the “Color your Life” range, bringing a hint of bohemian chic combined with a well-chosen color palette. Add some hygge to your daily life and put the Paddy rug wherever you like in your home, for moments of pure happiness.

✔︎ 100% felt rug
✔︎ Size 120cm
✔︎ Fair trade product - Handmade in Nepal.
✔︎ A renewable material

Care instructions:
Vacuum or brush. Spot-clean with damp sponge and soap, or with a textile stain remover. Hand-wash using soap and scrubbing action. Squeeze out excess water without twisting, and dry flat. Do not machine wash.


It was on a mission to Katmandu for Handicap International that Thierry and Valérie discovered Nepal and the Himalayan région . When they completed their contract, the couple decided to suggest a project to that association: they would carry out a study of equitable commerce in the Himalayan region. This led them into contact and dialogue with the artisans of the valley of Katmandu - some of who... View more Muskhane
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