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MUSKHANE Smartie Round Cushion Quartz Pink

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These little Smarties cushions in felt, which take their name from the famous and colourful sweets, will bring colour and whimsy to your interior. Children, natural little nomads that they are, will adore these portable cushions and will have fun lugging them all around the house.

Perfect also to give a little cushion to a high chair or a stool!

✔︎ 100% felt with kapook filling
✔︎ Size D 29cm x 8cm
✔︎ Fair trade product - Handmade in Nepal.
✔︎ A renewable material

Care instructions:
Vacuum or brush. Spot-clean with damp sponge and soap, or with a textile stain remover. Do not machine wash.


It was on a mission to Katmandu for Handicap International that Thierry and Valérie discovered Nepal and the Himalayan région . When they completed their contract, the couple decided to suggest a project to that association: they would carry out a study of equitable commerce in the Himalayan region. This led them into contact and dialogue with the artisans of the valley of Katmandu - some of who... View more Muskhane
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