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NORMANN COPENHAGEN Pebble Cheese Plane Black

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Pebble Cheese Plane Black by Normann Copenhagen

Stainless Steel, Ceramic Coating, Silicone Handles

Size & Weight:
Height 20cm x Length 7.4cm x Diameter 2cm

Product Info:
Silicone handles for comfortable grip. Suitable for dishwasher.


Orignally known as Normann Design, Normann Copenhagen was founded by Jan Normann Andersen and Poul Madsen in1999, with a vision to make a difference in the design industry. They began as a design shop, selling a combination of various brands and their own designs, before meeting Danish designer Simon Karkov 2001. After pitching his Norm 69 Lamp, Jan and Poul decided to put the product into product... View more NORMANN COPENHAGEN
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