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OSC Mark II 2-Way Mirror and Lamp (Cordless + Rechargeable) Blush


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The O.S.C Illuminated 2-Way MIRROR LAMP (Cordless + Rechargeable) in a Soft Matte BLUSH can be used as a Lamp or a Mirror!

Showcase this sleek design in your bedroom, on a side table or on your desk.

2nd Generation of Mirror Lamp. Newly added functions in addition to the 1st Gen including:
✔︎ Plus size mirror surface
✔︎ Professional makeup LED lighting: Colour Rendering Index has been improved significantly to highest accurate 1A level - >=95 RA.
✔︎ Added pull string switch for maximum convenience as a bedside lamp

Size: 240mm×191mm×282mm

Beloved functions inherited from 1st Gen:
✔︎ Tilt to find the perfect angle when using as a mirror
✔︎ Two types of lighting: one around the mirror and another at the bottom (when head of lamp is tilted flat)
✔︎ Touch Control: Touch the lamp switch to turn on the lamp; long press the switch to adjust the brightness
✔︎ Smart brightness memory function keeps the brightness same as last time you used
✔︎ Rechargeable
✔︎ Self-assembly

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