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OYOY Adventure Rug Play Mat


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The now infamous OYOY Adventure Rug or Play Mat by Danish design house Oyoy, was actually designed completely be accident!

Lotte Fynboe the Founder and Head Designer of the Oyoy Mini Collection, is a nervous flier. One day, before a flight she was absentmindedly doodling on a napkin, in an attempt to calm her nerves. When she looked down she realised she had created quite a sweet and special design, and thus the Adventure Rug was born!

Colour: Black/Off White/Mint Logo

Material: 100% Cotton, Woven and Hand Printed

Size: L180 x W 70 cm

With thanks, photography with permission from Sophie Vine

Shipping to New Zealand is: $19.75 AUD (with 10% GST removed from the price of the rug)
Shipping to the United States is: $23.75 AUD (with 10% GST removed from the price of the rug)

* Please email [email protected] to place all International Orders


Launched by TEKO Design University educated Lotte Fynboe, OYOY is a relatively new brand to the Danish interiors world. Founded in 2012, the name was inspired by the letters OY that, for decades, has appeared on every Danish aeroplane regardless of global location. Consequently, OYOY marks itself quite firmly as a Danish company with strong Scandinavian roots. Unsurprisingly, OYOY takes a particul... View more OYOY
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