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SEE SCOUT SLEEP Chef L'Bark Black & Cream Leash



The leashes feature lightweight brass hardware with a trigger snap for a quick, safe, and stylish hold. They also offer patterned ribbon on both sides of the durable, quick-dry hemp webbing to add a bit of style to your daily walks.

Width 1 inch / 2,5 cm
Length Standard leash 54 inches/140 cm

Materials: Hemp webbing. Nylon patterned ribbon woven in Tennessee. Brass hardware.

Hemp Black
Hardware Brass

Washing a See Scout Sleep leash is no biggy. Just throw in the delicate wash.

Machine washing will "beat up" shiny finish on brass hardware. If you care about this, we find the BEST way to clean the Leashes is to:
1. Soak in warm water with a mild soap or oxygenated cleanser for about 15 minutes or so.
2. Spot clean any remaining tarnishes or spots using a brush (a toothbrush is perfect) with BAKING SODA and VINEGAR.

You may also place in a thick sock to help protect brass clasp in a machine wash.



Katie designs the See Scout Sleep patterns and products in her home studio in New Orleans, LA. She is always searching for a better way to make something, a more comfortable or durable material, and a more beautiful colour.


See Scout Sleep offers comfortable, functional and durable soft collars and light weight leashes for cats and dogs in materials that Katie believes in.

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