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SWAY Floor Lamp

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Sway Lamp

If you clicked on this page expecting to purchase a standard floor lamp, think again. There’s so much more than meets the eye with this guy. The Sway Lamp, by Australian designer Nick Rennie, is a dynamic piece, and not only focuses on form and function, but also the emotional response exhibited through interaction.

As suggested by the name and silhouette, the lamp displays a very distinctive swaying motion when knocked. It can also be mounted in various positions using the included floor pad. Whether you choose to keep the piece stationary, or make the most of it’s kinetic energy, you’ll find the Sway lamp is perfect in a range of contexts and styles.

Now, all there is to do us cue Michael Bublé’s ‘Sway’, and you’re good to go.

✔︎ Australian Design
✔︎ Indoor and Outdoor appropriate
✔︎ Cordless and mobile. Also comes with standard cord for charging.
✔︎ Touch activated with multiple light temperatures
✔︎ Includes floor pad for stationary use

Dimensions: 172cm h x 20cm dia
Materials: LED light, silicone globe, steel and carbon rod
Warranty: 1 year manufacturers warranty.

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