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THAT INVENTIONS ScoopTHAT! II Non-Stick Ice Cream Scoop Deluxe, Black

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Scoop up Perfection, Effortlessly!

Ice cream, fresh from the freezer—so good, yet so hard to scoop! ScoopTHAT! comes to the rescue! Transferring heat via its sealed-in heat storage fluid, it warms the entire scoop head just right, electricity free. Scoop up perfection, effortlessly, with this elegantly refined ice cream scoop!

ScoopTHAT! Deluxe is made using ultra precision CNC cutting technology and brand new manufacturing processes, for a perfect scoop free of the ice cream pits and scars that plague conventional scoops. It also features anodized surface treatment that not only enhances scratch resistance, but also adds to its exquisite elegance.

✔︎ Master metal smith craftsmanship with a contemporary touch
✔︎ High precision CNC cutting technology
✔︎ Non-stick circular scoop head design
✔︎ Unique thermal capacities handle transmits heat to the scoop
✔︎ Food grade anodisation surface treatment for enhanced scratch resistance
✔︎ No wires or batteries required
✔︎ Smart heat transfers, intuitive use
✔︎ Elegant metallic sheen

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