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WE MIGHT BE TINY Frostie Icy Pole Mould Tray Rose

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Create gorgeous and healthy icy poles for the kids to enjoy with We Might Be Tiny's Frosties - in Charcoal.

Simply pour in your favourite smoothie mix, fruit juice (or perhaps even coffee for mum!) and pop into the freezer for a few hours. Once set, pop them out and enjoy immediately for a quick and healthy treat.

Each mould produces one bear, one bunny and one cat ice pop, each sized at approximately 6.5cm x 9.0cm x 2.2cm.

The animal silhouettes match We Might Be Tiny’s signature placemat range: the bear featuring sleepy-eyes, the bunny with swiss-cross eyes and the cat with whiskers.

Frosties are made from independently tested, toxic-free, EU-certified, food grade silicone.

Each comes with six re-usable food-grade ice pop sticks and a protective clear silicone lid so curious little eyes can see when the ice pops have been frozen and ready to eat!

What makes the Frosties unique?

✔︎ Cute playful shapes for children to enjoy
✔︎ Simple to make and store in the freezer
✔︎ Safe for use with the dishwasher
✔︎ Flexible, durable and shatter resistant
✔︎ BPA-free, no nasties
✔︎ No pores to harbour smells or bacteria
✔︎ Non-stick and non-slip

Designed by We Might Be Tiny.

We Might Be Tiny

We Might Be Tiny is an Australian kids brand founded by Melbourne's Elle and Rich Cullen. Both designers, the Cullens were inspired to create products that delight and inspire both the young, and the young at heart. Their famed silicone Bear and Bunny Placemats or "Placies" as they are affectionately known, were directly inspired by their own son Frederik. We Might Be Tiny will continue to ... View more We Might Be Tiny
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