Modern Bathroom With Marble And Zone Denmark Bathroom Accessories

Minimal, Functional, or Luxe? We Got You


The beauty of bathrooms is that they, just like people, come in a variety of shapes, styles and colours. You could say every bathroom has its own unique personality, expressed through all manner of bathroomy bits and bobs.

Obviously tiles and tapware come into play, but there’s plenty more that help suggest the overall theme or style. Functional accessories, luxurious soaps, minimalistic squeegees… even the wall adorning hooks play into a bathroom persona.

So, with a little help from our trusty bathroom design friends, ZONE DENMARK, ferm LIVING, MENU, BY WIRTH, FRAMA, and a bunch more, we’ve whipped up three curations FILLED to the toilet seat brim with design. Covering Luxe, Minimal, and Functional, pick your bathroom style below and discover a range of fittings, accessories, mirrors, soaps, towels and more, and score some bathroom goals!

Banner featuring Kristina Dam Studio Dowel Hooks and Minimal Towel Next To Text Luxest Of The Luxe

Reflective metals, richly veined stones, chocolatey timbers, and lusciously curved silhouettes. This is a bathroom filled with only the finest. You’ll find the pieces in this edit may seem a little extra on their own, but when paired together, tell a story of effortless sophistication and beautiful design elegance.

Banner featuring Moheim Gendered Minimal Toilet Sign Next To Text Clean And Minimal

To you, a bathroom is a place to let the mind wander. A space of silence and solace. Somewhere to decompress from the day that was. Enhance the harmony of your dream bathroom with a curation of minimalistic and refined pieces, just like the ones below.

Banner featuring Zone Denmark Illuminated Wall Mounted Magnifying Make Up Mirror Next To Text All About That Function

Let’s be real, bathrooms are purely a functional space. And because they’re not often very big, every cm of the room is extremely precious, meaning the accessorising and furnishing focus should be centred around optimisation and usefulness. So, if you’re a functional Fred or sensible Susan, the edit below is 100% for you.