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HAY is the epitome of high quality Scandinavian minimalistic design. HAY was launched in 2003 (founded in 2002), by husband and wife team, Mette & Rolf Hay. With their goal of bringing well constructed, high quality and affordable design to the marketplace, HAY has grown to be a juggernaut of the Scandinavian furniture and home accessories world. Interestingly, neither founder had any formal education in design, however their passion and interest saw them progress through the industry, picking up pieces of expertise and knowledge along the way.

With a range of contemporary pieces crafted for modern living, HAY designs draw inspiration from the structural world of architecture and the dynamic playfulness of fashion. Despite the beauty of their collections, HAY focuses on the more subtle aspects of design. Their products aim for function, but do so with a clean and attractive aesthetic in mind. They’re about looking at routine and ordinary moments and transforming them into something a little bit nicer. Furthermore, HAY has a focus on accessibility, and has always endeavored to provide great products with affordable price tags.

Mette and Rolf regularly draw influence from the 1950’s and 60’s. Impressed by the era’s use of robust materials and strong design, HAY incorporates longevity into its design philosophy. However, they understand the importance of aesthetics and desirability in relation to longevity and aim to take a holistic approach to their designs. Their products remain simple without seeming ordinary, whilst being different without looking weird or too unusual. HAY is the master of aesthetic and functional balance. Despite their strong Danish roots, HAY does not limit itself to working with only local talent. Always looking for new and exciting ideas, Mette & Rolf choose to work with those they believe to have a strong connection with or produce work they admire, and focus on creating great products with a strong connection to the brand. Designers such as Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Stefan Diez, Daniel To & Emma Aiston have all worked with HAY to establish a unique global design language not specific to any given country.

At HAY, their goal is always to encourage innovation and greatness. Understanding the world is an ever-changing place is paramount to the overall and continued success of Mette & Rolf. They remain committed to the design and production of furniture and accessories that will meet the continuously changing needs of their International market. Relying on gut instinct, HAY strives to design the perfect product, HAY embraces space, new technology, and society - seeking to understand the grounds for modern life.

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