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Based in Copenhagen, the ferm LIVING design house has become a household name in the world of furniture and homewares thanks to their their passion for design, craftsmanship and aesthetics. It all began fairly modestly. After struggling to find an affordable and aesthetically pleasing wallpaper, Trine Andersen decided she would design her own. Having a background in graphic design proved to be a huge asset and it wasn’t long before her first design went to production. Thanks to the positive reception her wallpaper received, Trine decided to launch her own business in 2006. Taking a phrase from her grandmother “ferm på fingrene” meaning “good with their fingers”, and using a bird about to take flight as the brandmark, Trine worked hard to produce a range of recognisable and beautifully designed products based on craftsmanship and quality.

Trine has always based the development of the brand on doing what feels right and comes naturally. If there is a gap in the market, ferm LIVING aims to provide a solution. Consequently, ferm LIVING has aimed to provide a product for every corner of their customer’s life no matter the scale. Through their subtle yet iconic designs, ferm LIVING offers a number of seasonal collections ranging from home accessories, furniture and lighting designed for the ‘candid moments’ of everyday life. Each product, whether it is a plant pot, stationery tray, pillow or chair, represents a contemporary and functional approach to Scandinavian design with a hint of mid-century charm. Evident in every ferm LIVING product is a clear focus on expert craftsmanship and attention to detail to produce something of the highest possible quality. Ethical and environmentally friendly practises are also implemented to ensure production impacts the environment minimally.

Drawing inspiration from Danish mid-century modernism, ferm LIVING incorporates rectilinear, light and innovative aspects within each of their designs. Additionally, ferm LIVING distinguishes itself from other brands with its very specific use of colour and pattern. Geometric patterns in contrasting black and white, pastel or natural tones are signature marks and help provide each product with a sense of character and playfulness.

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