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Officially launched on the first of January 2012, Kristina Dam Studios has undertaken an incredible journey to become the powerhouse design studio it is today. Beginning with a humble range of prints, the brand has grown to include a number of iconic collections whilst branching into furniture, sculptures and art, lighting, and accessories.

Kristina Dam, founder of Kristina Dam Studios, began her creative career as a graphic designer after studying at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture in 2007. She worked at a graphic design agency for five years before taking the plunge as an entrepreneur and fully committing to her studio and brand.

Constantly full of ideas, Kristina draws inspiration from a number of sources and often finds herself browsing Pinterest, blogs and Instagram to keep up to date with the creative design world. Her background in graphic design has a strong influence on her design process, with typography and structured grid-like layouts playing a crucial role in much of what she produces. As an avid traveler, Kristina seeks cultural inspiration and reference points from various cities like New York City, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and Bangkok, whilst discussing design and lifestyle with locals and the people she meets.

The work produced by Kristina Dam Studios is never anything short of stunning. The beauty of each piece is its seamless transition from either a focal point to a subtle accent, depending on the context in which it is used. Kristina is a master of the monochromatic palette, and utilises it in many creative and exciting ways to sculpt objects that pay homage to an architecturally influenced education. The Kristina Dam Studios design ethos and philosophy could be described as Nordic Minimalism, with a focus on simple graphic lines, attention to detail and carefully selected materials.

Quality is paramount to the Kristina Dam Studios brand, which is reflected in the craftsmanship and construction of their collections. A range of good strong materials are considered and selected to ensure longevity and durability whilst still being aesthetically beautiful and true to the brand’s distinct look and feel.

Each Kristina Dam piece is truly one of a kind and easily makes a bold statement in any space and home. Designstuff is incredibly proud to be one of the first stockists of this brand and invite you to discover the luxe world of Kristina Dam Studios today…

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