Small changes, big results. Your small space has so much potential, and our 15 small home must-haves will have it punching above its weight. Declutter, organise, and elevate your surroundings to make it feel more spacious than it actually is. From clever storage solutions to adaptable furniture pieces, these essentials provide simple ways to redefine your home. So jump in and get started on your journey to a spacious and beautiful living space!

DESIGNSTUFF Self-Adhesive Hooks (Set of 3)

In a compact environment, every inch of space matters, and these self-adhesive stainless steel hooks provide a convenient and efficient solution to keep your belongings in order without compromising on style.

The simplicity of their design creates a sleek and clean look while ensuring your space remains uncluttered and well-organised. The key advantage lies in their hassle-free installation – no need for drilling or screws, thanks to the user-friendly 3M adhesive backing.

YAMAZAKI Smart Door Hanger 5 Hook White

The Over The Door Hanger Rack is a quick and efficient solution to enhance storage in a limited space. Its versatility and simplicity make it a valuable addition to any small area, offering a practical and accessible storage solution.

In a smaller living environment, making the most of every available bit of space is crucial, and this door hanger provides that extra bit of storage without the need for complex installation or tools. It can be slipped over the top of most doors, and is perfect for hanging items like bags, hats, or accessories, keeping them neatly organised and within reach. It can also be installed onto a wall using screws and wall plugs. Plus, it folds up when not in use, minimising its appearance by disappearing in your doorway or wall.

DESIGNSTUFF Store-All Cutlery Drainer/Holder

In a world where life can be complicated, finding your things shouldn’t have to add to the chaos. The Store All Holder can simplify and enhance your living, working, and bathroom spaces, providing a tidy and efficient storage solution for a variety of items. It’s a must-have for those looking to reclaim and maintain an organised environment.

This holder maximises utility within limited areas. Its ability to hold and organise various items means you can consolidate essentials in one place, reducing clutter on countertops and in drawers. This is especially advantageous for smaller kitchens or bathrooms where space optimisation is crucial.

YAMAZAKI Frame Extendable Shoe Rack

The Yamazaki Extendable Shoe Rack provides a stylish and efficient solution to keep your small entryway clutter-free. Its adaptability, combined with the capacity to hold an impressive number of shoes, makes it a practical choice for optimising space in smaller homes or apartments.

Seamlessly adjusting to fit any available space, its slim design can accommodate up to 16 pairs of shoes. The extendable feature allows for customisation, making it easy to integrate into smaller living environments.

DESIGNSTUFF Linear Collapsible Crate

In a small space where storage is at a premium, these crates provide a convenient way to declutter and keep everything in its place. Consider investing in multiple of these practical and stylish crates to ensure you have some on hand when clutter begins to accumulate.

The stackable and versatile nature of these crates makes them a perfect fit for small spaces. Whether you’re storing cleaning supplies, kids’ toys, or your kitchen spice collection, these crates are great for ensuring everything stays tidy and easily accessible.

DESIGNSTUFF Silicone Fold Dish Drying Rack

This dish drying rack is a game-changer in tight and cramped kitchens. Its space-efficient design and multifunctionality make it the ideal choice for anyone looking to get the most from a limited space.

The rack-like structure of the Silicone Fold Dish Drying Rack sits over your kitchen sink, providing a dedicated and compact area for all your drying needs, and folds away when not in use. From pots and plates to glasses and even freshly rinsed produce or flowers, this versatile drying rack has you covered without taking up valuable counter space.


For anyone navigating small kitchen spaces, this compost bin is a practical and stylish choice. It streamlines composting efforts without dominating, making it a valuable addition for those looking to embrace sustainability in a confined space.

Its compact design is a standout feature, fitting seamlessly into a limited countertop space without being obtrusive. Despite its lightweight feel, it’s surprisingly sturdy, holding up well to daily use. The removable drainage inner is a thoughtful addition, making the composting process hassle-free by allowing excess moisture to escape, and providing a bag-free option for those looking to further reduce their waste.

DESIGNSTUFF Sink Sponge Holder

For those seeking a practical and space-efficient addition to their small homes and kitchens, this sponge holder stands out as a functional and hygienic choice. It sits seamlessly in your sink, providing organisation and reducing clutter.

Designed to accommodate sponges and dishcloths, its perfectly sized structure allows them to dry freely, minimising the risk of bacterial contamination. The thoughtful design promotes order and keeps your sink area clean and hygienic.

ORBITKEY Nest Ash, Portable Desk Organiser + Wireless Charger

The Orbitkey Nest provides an adaptable and space-conscious solution that allows you to stay organised without compromising on the limitations of a smaller living or working area. With the ability to comfortably house your daily essentials, the Nest’s portable nature adds a layer of convenience to your working routine.

The in-built wireless charger serves a dual purpose, ensuring your devices are always ready to go and minimising cable clutter. Even the lid has storage capabilities. It features an elastic pouch which is perfect for smaller items, contributing to efficient space utilisation.

DESIGNSTUFF Floating Soap Dispenser Holder

The Floating Soap Dispenser Holder, with its minimalist design, becomes a seamless addition to any bathroom, offering a stylish yet unobtrusive solution for small spaces. It keeps your soap within reach without taking up precious bench space or compromising the visual appeal of your bathroom area.

Its adaptable design and water-resistant features mean the Floating Soap Dispenser Holder can be utilised in areas beyond the bathroom in a small home. Consider incorporating it in spaces like the kitchen or laundry to organise and dispense various liquid products efficiently. Its ability to accommodate bottles of different shapes and sizes makes it versatile for different areas, providing a practical solution to declutter and maintain organisation in a compact living environment.

EVA SOLO Sweep Dustpan & Brush Set

The Eva Solo Sweep Dustpan & Brush Set is a practical choice for maintaining a clean and organised environment in smaller spaces. The set’s thoughtful design, featuring a brush with versatile silicone bristles suitable for both wet and dry cleaning tasks, and a dustpan with a sharp edge for efficient cleanup, caters to the varied needs of a compact kitchen.

When not in use, the broom can be neatly stowed in the dustpan, taking up minimal space in your closets or drawers. This design consideration allows you to keep your kitchen essentials within reach without adding unnecessary clutter to your limited storage areas.

YAMAZAKI Tower Leaning Coat Hanger Rack

Movable and minimalist, this coat rack offers a practical solution for anyone dealing with limited closet space, making it particularly suitable for small bedrooms or guest spaces. Its design allows you to create hanging space for coats or clothing by simply leaning it against an open wall, offering a space-saving alternative to traditional closet storage.

Consider using this rack as a small-footprint coat rack in an entryway or hallway, where space is often at a premium. Its movable nature means it can be repurposed in numerous spaces when the need arises.

DESIGNSTUFF Toilet Roll Storage Holder

In smaller bathrooms, where organisation is crucial, having a designated storage spot for toilet rolls can help maintain a clean and orderly environment. This holder’s compact design is tailored to suit the constraints of a smaller space, offering an efficient way to keep essential items within reach.

NEW WORKS Karl-Johan Portable Lamp

The portability of the Karl-Johan lamp is a feature that aligns well with the needs of small spaces. The ability to move the lamp easily between different areas allows for dynamic and adaptable lighting arrangements in a compact living environment. This feature makes the lamp more versatile and ensures it can meet changing lighting needs in various corners of a small space without the constraints of a fixed location.

The lamp’s resilience to elements like rain, dew, sand, and soil expands its utility, allowing you to seamlessly transition it between indoor and outdoor spaces. This adaptability is especially beneficial in smaller homes where versatile and multi-functional items are key. Additionally, its compact design ensures it won’t take up much room, again making it an excellent choice for those conscious of limited space.


In a smaller living space, furniture that serves multiple purposes is essential, and this stool addresses that need. Its flat pack delivery makes it easy to assemble, and the option to use it as a side table, chair, ottoman, or even a pedestal for displaying decorative items offers flexibility in a confined setting.

Its stability and thoughtful design make it a useful addition without overwhelming limited spaces. The minimalist, clean design contributes to curating a considered environment in a small home, where each piece of furniture plays a strong role in the overall look and feel of the space.

These 15 Small Home Must-Haves provide practical solutions for optimising storage, maintaining cleanliness, and enhancing lighting. These essentials, from hooks to organisers to stools, redefine functionality, allowing you to create an organised space that maximises every inch of your small home.