When the wooden spoon just isn’t enough, we’ve got the ultimate list of tried and tested products and designs your kitchen can’t do without. The heart of your home, a well-functioning kitchen needs well-functioning tools to match and here are 20 that won’t let you down.

DESIGNSTUFF Dish Drainer, Set of 2

A dish duty staple, you won’t know how you lived without it.

HAPPY SiNKS by MAGISSO Sink Magnetic Sponge Holder

Sponges sticking around, making cleanup a breeze.

HAPPY SiNKS by MAGISSO Sink Magnetic Cloth Holder

Cloths more your thing? Then let them hang out in style in your sink.

YAMAZAKI Tosca Paper Towel Holder

Roll and rip the right way and give those spills the flick.

EVA SOLO Green Tool Kitchen Scissors

Snipping and clipping never felt so chic.

EVA SOLO Green Tool Vegetable Peeler

Get ready to peel it out – prepping dinners has never been easier!

DESIGNSTUFF Natural Cellulose and Sisal Scourer Sponge, Set of 2

The sponge of all sponges creating sensational sudsy dreams. Your dishes have never been cleaner.

ferm LIVING Os Salad Servers

The dynamic duo for serving salad goodness.


Nothing’s too hot handle when Rosendahl mitts are in play.

EVA SOLO Nordic Kitchen Timer

Tick, tick, BOOM! Kitchen deliciousness delivered.

Designstuff Compostable Eco Dishcloth, Pack Of 3

No more messy ‘cloths’ encounters when our cleaning eco dishcloths are doing their thing.

YAMAZAKI Aqua Bottle Opener/Can Opener

No cap too tight, no tab too stubborn.


Splash attack protection – and look! It even has pockets.

ferm LIVING Serre Cutlery Rest

This cutlery rest is so fancy, even your spoons will be striking a pose!

ZONE DENMARK Singles Napkin Holder

The first class lounge of holders, these napkins have checked in and ready for take off.

DESIGNSTUFF Sink Sponge Holder

The unsung hero of the sink, this arch shaped legend is stronger than it looks.

DESIGNSTUFF Store-All Cutlery Holder

A cutlery holder so organised, Marie Kondo would be jealous.

YAMAZAKI Tosca Storage Basket Double Handle

Organise, accessorise in the perfect pantry size. The double handled basket of storage dreams

ferm LIVING Pebble Grinder, Dark Brown

Twist and shout, or in this case, grind and groove.

ZONE DENMARK Dishwashing Set

Everything’s better in a set, and this ensemble from ZONE DENMARK is no exception.

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