Have you considered giving your space some design resolutions for 2024? New year, new beginnings – not just for yourself but for your home too!

As we step into the New Year, let’s embrace a fresh wave of design aspirations; whether it’s aiming to create a clutter free environment or change dull spaces into something that reflects you, let 2024 be the year you help your space reach its full potential.

This Year, My Living Space Will Be The Epitome Of Tidy And Organised

We all know the challenge of consistency and making a commitment to maintaining an organised living space. However, this is actually an easy endeavour! The Designstuff carry-all caddy and storage box is perfect for everyday storage needs. This minimalistic design is the key to turning a messy environment into a well-organised and sophisticated space.

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I Want A Kitchen Filled With Functional (But Beautiful) Pieces

The kitchen serves as the hub where we craft delightful meals for loved ones therefore it becomes the focal point of both functionality and beauty. Though more often than not, we don’t associate functionality with style. So, how can we strike the balance between the two? 

Glad you asked! There are plenty of pieces out there that combine form and function BEAUTIFULLY. Take for example the AUDO CPH Salt and Pepper Bottle Grinder Set. This everyday item is elevated into a design statement, something that you’d happily have on display. And yep, you may find yourself paying a little but trust us when we say they’re well worth the investment – you’ll love your stylish kitchen finds for years and years.

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I Want My Bathroom To Always Look Its Best

Often overlooked, the bathroom is rarely the highlight of a home. It merely serves its purpose in the morning, evening and the occasional midday visit. However, with the right accessories it has the potential to be a much more beautiful space. Consider the By Wirth towel rack; it not only organises your towels efficiently but also presents them in a timeless blend of steel and timber, turning a mundane corner into a stylish win.

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I Only Want Home Decor That Represents Me

There’s a reason why “Home, Sweet Home” is a common saying. Your living space should mirror your unique personality and style preferences. Whether it’s through colours, artwork, decor, or furniture, take your time when scouting for your next interior purchase and make sure it’s something that is 100% you. For example, we’d be adding Louise Roe’s ceramic Balloon Vase into our styling repertoire. The rounded bulbous figure is truly captivating and the authentic artistry behind the piece calls to us.

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In 2024, let’s usher in a new era for our homes with thoughtful design resolutions. Whether it’s achieving an epitome of tidiness and organisation, curating a kitchen filled with functional yet beautiful pieces, ensuring the bathroom always looks its best, or choosing home decor that truly represents you, let this be the year your living space transforms into something truly amazing. Happy decorating!